Women's jewellery


    To feel like a real princess and let your beauty shine, you can choose between the most precious and refined jewels created for the spring summer 2019 collections by the fashion houses and high-end jewellery designers.

    Pearls and diamonds are the best friends of the most elegant woman

    Among the changes that fashion celebrates at each season there are great returns and shorter trends, to which are usually dedicated the creators of jfashion ewellery. But in the world of high-end jewellery, there’s nothing more eternal than the great passion that women have for diamonds, for the glint of gold and for the superfine beauty of pearls. As Marilyn recited, diamonds are always the best friends of women and the master jewelers and fashion houses know this well, that’s why this year they offer these precious stones in combination with yellow and white gold. This is the case of the geometric rings by Delfina Delettrez, the rigid bracelets by Repossi and the almost Deco-style sculptural earrings by Melissa Kaye and Boucheron. It will be for the return of the Eighties or because it’s the most precious metal par excellence, but this year gold is the absolute protagonist of the summer collections. It comes in various shades, such as for the rings and earrings in white gold by Lertora or for the pink gold earrings with a rectangular and contemporary shape created by Ofira. The classic yellow gold, opulent and super luxurious, is used by Dolce & Gabbana and Piaget for their chain necklaces with charms and crystals, while Tiffany & Co uses it for its rigid bangles and De Grisogono combines it with leather for its contemporary bracelets. Once it was said that pearls were the tears of the sea. It will be for this poetic soul or simply for their immaculate beauty, that this year the pearls are combined with gold, but are interpreted in an extremely modern key. With an irregular shape called for this reason Baroque, the pearls are combined to jewels with an essential shape. This is the case for the creations of Miu Miu, Ippolita and Dior Jewellery, but also for the rigid bracelets of Mizuki decorated with irregular pearls or the gold hoop earrings by Anna Sheffield.

    From ancient Rome to Art Nouveau, the jewels of summer 2019 follow the vintage trend

    The history of jewellery has ancient origins that are lost in the mists of time, because since prehistoric era humanity has always had the passion to decorate the body with ornaments and jewels. And so the newest creations of spring summer 2019 are inspired by the ancient:

    • De Maria for example, creates earrings decorated with rubies and diamonds that are inspired by the Baroque period or the early Middle Age
    • Bellini and Anissa Kermiche go back even further in time for their jewelry inspired by Ancient Rome, with medals and cameos that represent the stories of ancient heroes
    • To Liberty and so to the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries, are inspired the chandelier earrings by Petralux
    • Art Decò instead for the semi-rigid bracelets of Lertola, while the long necklaces in stones and crystals by Brunello Cucinelli are perfectly adapted to the lingerie dresses in the style of the 20s

    Shapes, symbols and colors for the most innovative jewels of the summer season

    Giving a jewel is a highly symbolic gesture, full of emotions, and this year the jewels play with the concept of the symbol to give meaning to their forms. The extra idea to create an amazing effect? Combine these jewels to a sandal with sculptural heel so fashionable this summer. One of the recurring images is that of the heart. For example, Sydney Evan creates a very stylized heart pendant entirely covered in diamonds, just as Chopard does with its pendants and Ivonne León with her rings. Anatomical and surreal are the eyes and mouths designed by Delfina Delettrez, Lito and Allison Lou, who use colored stones and crystals to give shape to this type of jewellery. The color is also very symbolic and the best jewelers use the whole range of nuances of the most precious stones. For the blue there are the sapphires and the tanzanite used by Lertora and, for the light blue there’s the ultra precious tourmaline by Martin Katz, while for the green the most used shade is that of the emerald, loved by many jewellery houses such as Petralux. But the real news are the stones combined to create multi-colored compositions, such as for the Carolina Bucci bracelets and especially for the earrings designed by Ippolita with precious and semiprecious stones in various shades, for the Art Deco-style earrings by Buccellati and for those with hanging strands by Gucci.