Women's Fashion Jewellery


    One of the greatest passions for women of any country in the world is that of fashion jewellery, which has always embellished the style of the most refined women and amplify their natural beauty. Whether they are inspired by vintage, nature or that are more experimental, for the spring summer 2019 fashion jewels are an essential accessory for every look.

    Hearts, stars and zodiac signs: this year fashion jewellery loves symbols

    The trendiest jewels for spring summer 2019 want to communicate something both to the wearer and to those who admire them. This is why the fashion designers and the jewellery creators are inspired by the symbolic language to create the most beautiful necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches and bracelets of the season. The jewels say who we are or what we like and this year we can really choose among a myriad of different symbols:

    • To communicate cheer there are the chockers decorated with flower-shaped charms, lucky symbols and letters designed by Oscar De La Renta
    • For those who have a philosophical soul and love to travel, there are necklaces with pendants decorated with ethnic symbols seen in the collections of Etro
    • The designers also look to the sky, stealing the stars to decorate their jewels, as in the case of Roberto Cavalli for his rings with stylized stars, or for the bright crystal versions seen in the fashion show of Saint Laurent, Miu Miu and Federica Tosi
    • If you believe in the messages sent by the stars, there are also the rings by Givenchy representing all the zodiac signs, among which we can choose your and that are also perfect to give to your friends, mothers and sisters
    • Another gift idea is certainly the costume jewelry that uses the symbol of our favorite brands to be recognized, as for example for fashion jewelry with a simple and refined logo designed by Valentino, Gucci and Fendi, or for the more particular versions by Prada in 70s style and by Dolce & Gabbana in Baroque style
    • Pop icons like Marilyn, David Bowie and Frida Kahlo for the funny pendants designed by Bijoux De Famille
    • For those who have decidedly darker tastes there are the Gucci Longobard-style crosses and the skulls used by Philipp Plein, Alexander McQueen and Federica Tosi
    • Geometric and perfect shapes as the circle for the dangling earrings by Dolce & Gabbana
    • For the romantic and optimistic souls there are the heart-shaped earrings by Balenciaga and the creations of Gregio which chooses the universally recognized symbol of peace to give a positive message
    • If you are looking for a little bit of luck there are the gold earrings, reminiscing the shape of the horseshoe, seen on the catwalk in the Valentino’s fashion show

    Nature inspiration for the most summery fashion jewelry

    Thanks to the good weather and the mild climate, in summer we are more inclined to spend our free time and holidays in contact with nature. This is why the most fashionable designers are inspired by the world of flora and fauna to create fashion jewels to match with our summer outfits. The absolute protagonists of the high fashion jewellery collections are the flowers, which this year can be combined with the many floral prints seen in the trendiest collections of women's clothing. There are floral brooches made of soft fabric by Fabiana Filippi, the chokers decorated with maxi stylized flowers seen on the ultra-glamorous catwalk by Marc Jacobs, but also the roses that decorate the showy and baroque jewelry of Dolce & Gabbana or the exotic and beautiful orchids seen at Marni. From the Eden Valley arrive the snakes that Roberto Cavalli transforms into refined and sensual earrings and bracelets. If instead we prefer the sea, there are the pendants with big shark teeth designed by Saint Laurent, but also the shells seen on the catwalk by Isabel Marant and Missoni, or the maxi pearls that decorate the choker, absolutely one of the most popular necklace models, designed by Max Mara.

    From the fashion of the past come the coolest fashion jewellery

    The trendy fashion jewelry for this spring summer 2019 seem coming out of a fashion history book and are inspired by almost every historical period, from the oldest to the most recent. Among the vintage style jewellery there are many models of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings to choose from:

    • From ancient Greece and Imperial Rome come the jewels of Versace and Michelangelo, which use images taken from mythology for their multicolored jewels
    • Gothic inspiration for the leather choker and bracelets by Alexander McQueen
    • Baroque decorations for gold and white lacquered bracelets and necklaces seen in the fashion shows of Dsquared2, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen and Burberry
    • The long necklaces worn by the models of the Saint Laurent catwalk and seen also in the Alcozer collection are inspired by the Roaring Twenties
    • Art Decò for the necklaces with fringes of crystals designed by Miu Miu and Gucci
    • Seventies-style for the leather and crystal choker necklaces by Twinset and for the plastic earrings designed by Balenciaga with motifs inspired by the Optical Art
    • Extreme luxury in the Eighties style for Chanel’s necklaces with gold chain and charms representing the brand logo, but also for Moschino's maximalist earrings
    • Always 80s for the pop colors of the necklaces with pendants and bracelets with the symbol of the Medusa by Versace
    • Gold and crystals for the extremely audacious 80s-style earrings by Lanvin and Giorgio Armani

    Traditional or unusual materials for the most cutting-edge jewels

    For spring summer 2019 the most trendy and avant-garde designers in the fashion jewellery sector focuses their attention on materials, which this year are refined and very particular. The gold-colored metal, one of the most used shades of this season, gives a precious touch to the maxi chains of Marni’s chokers and the necklaces by Off-White. The same material and color also for the rigid bracelets and bangles decorated with skulls by Alexandria McQueen and with the brand logo by Balmain. The Rock version leather completely covered by studs was present in the collection seen in the fashion shows of Prada and Givenchy. Among the unusual materials there is the plexiglass, which is used by Balmain, but also the plastic for the bangles that are worn one above the other on the models' arms in the Rodarte and Chloé fashion shows. Ports 1961 chooses wood for its necklaces with pendants, while Missoni, Chloé and Paolo Fiorillo Capri prefer the fabric for their printed cotton or tassels of fringes earrings and braided necklaces. Among the most beautiful resin jewels there are the multicolored ones by Missoni, those in lunar shades designed by Giorgio Armani, and the precious ones by Oro 24.