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    From humble beginnings, and with a simple yet brilliant idea, Brunello Cucinelli revolutionised cashmere. He took the luxurious fibre and started to colour it, creating exquisite knitwear for women. Until this time, the precious material was used almost exclusively in men’s fashions, and almost always in light and neutral tones. With his life savings behind him and a small family studio from which to work, Cucinelli launched his first collection of sweaters, and in 1978 founded the fashion house which bears his name.

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    The products’ high quality saw sales grow exponentially throughout the 1980s and led Cucinelli to broaden the company’s horizons. By 1985 Cucinelli reached America – the key market for all designers – and firmly established the brand’s future commercial success.

    The Brunello Cucinelli lines expanded further in the 1990s with women’s apparel and the brand’s first collection of menswear. By the turn of the new millennium the fashion house had also diversified into luxury accessories. In 2012 Brunello Cucinelli was listed on the stock exchange and since this time has continued its meteoric rise in the world of luxury fashion and sports-luxe.

    Each collection is produced in Italy using the knowledge and skills of master craftsmen, traditionally passed down through generations, imbuing the pieces with authenticity, sophistication and contemporary luxury. In the pursuit of perfection, Brunello Cucinelli’s menswear and womenswear certainly hits the mark – consistently exuding creativity, exclusivity and excellent quality.

    Style notes

    In terms of aesthetics and quality, the Brunello Cucinelli style is for women who love beautiful things and enjoy lasting comfort. Garments and accessories are crafted with precious yarns, fabrics and leathers. Wardrobe essentials are reimagined in wool and cashmere, inspired by androgynous style but retaining classic femininity. The lines are clean and minimal. Exclusive and refined products, that are both understated but instantly recognisable, have created the iconic luxury that is Brunello Cucinelli.

    Must-haves: Key pieces include the soft cashmere pullovers and cardigans in neutral tones, the tricot multicolor garments, the masculine-cut shirts, and the tweed trousers and skirts.

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