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    Herno was founded in 1948 by Giuseppe Marenzi and his wife Alessandra Diana. The company takes the name from the river Erno that runs near its headquarters.

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    Herno is a family run business that combines Italian tradition, artisanal know-how and style with luxurious high performing fabrics. Thanks to this, Herno’s sportswear is also suitable for more formal contexts.

    The company initially focused on raincoats, made waterproof through the use of castor oil, and then evolved to include double faced fabrics and goose down padded garments.

    From an initial local phase, Herno soon began to export throughout Europe. In 1971 the brand opened its first flagship store in Japan and later expanded in the USA. Exports today represent around 70% of the company revenues.

    Thanks to the President and Managing Director Claudio Marenzi, the youngest son of Giuseppe, the company has improved its eco sustainable efforts and assets. All the sites in Lesa, Italy, are integrated into the landscape. The nineteenth-century factory has been restructured and thanks to investment in photovoltaic technology, is entirely self-sufficient in terms of energy requirements.

    Style notes

    Herno is an example of the very best Made in Italy: unparalleled artisanal skills, innovation evolving from tradition, and timeless elegance.

    Must-haves: any padded jacket.

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