For sure, summer does not equal to sea & beach only but how many of us have not spent most of winter daydreaming about a holiday by the sea, by the pool or on a cruise?

For those who have succeeded in making that dream come true, here you can find our style tips for an impeccable and trendy beachwear style.

The first staple to buy is the swimwear: you can either opt for swimming trunks or shorts based on your preferences and how much serious swimming you intent to do. Swim shorts can either be in solid colors or with prints: tropical prints, stripes, geometric patterns and figurative motifs are all big trends this summer. Worn as shorts and matched to a T-shirt or an open shirt will meet many different style needs.

Sandals, flip flops, sneakers and moccasins together with a Borsalino cut straw hat, a baseball cap and sunglasses will perfect your summer looks. And to carry the beach towel, a book, a newspaper, glasses and headphones, a nice backpack will be the right choice for you.

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