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    iKRIX.com is the marketplace that offers designer clothing, accessories, bags and shoes for men and women and where you can find inspiration to create your outfits and unforgettable looks.

    A wide and accurate selection of products, detailed descriptions and illustrative images, will help you find what you desire to be at your best on every occasion.

    All our products are new and authentic and are provided to us by the best Italian official retailers and by the brands with which we have distribution agreements.

    The online catalog, enriched with new products on a daily basis, represents the best of the Italian style in the selection of most coveted brands of current seasons and can meet every need you might have in matter of style.

    Through its platform in 7 languages, iKRIX.com inspires and makes the wishes of its customers come true in more than 80 countries worldwide, providing a service of excellence through its Customer Care and the partnerships with the best international shipping companies.

    iKRIX S.p.A. is the Italian company that owns iKRIX.com marketplace. Established in 2014 by managers with international experience in the areas of fashion, technology and communication, the company has been constantly growing since then. Among the partners of the company, beyond the founders, there are important private investors, large industrial groups and Ligurcapital Regional Investment Fund, which promoted the project within the Liguria Regional Operational Program co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund 2007- 2013.

    iKRIX team covers all the skills and profiles necessary to accomplish the company's mission, from technology development to the creation of the visual assets for the online catalog and the communication activities, up to marketing and pre- and post-sale customer service. 84% of us have a university degree, 63% of us are women and the average age is 31 years.


    Through its technological platform, iKRIX strives to bring to their customers worldwide the best in personal luxury, handpicked by Italian fashion editors, and to become the privileged access point to it.

    We believe in the long-term vision of creating a place where you can feel unique, find all the most exclusive products you love and that you would hardly find in any other physical or virtual store.

    We are determined to offer a unique, easy, safe and fast shopping experience, with an unparalleled customer service before, during and after the purchasing process that can satisfy even the most demanding customer.

    We passionately strive for innovation in what we do and in the products and services we offer: the Internet has the power to enable changes that have only been partially implemented to date. In the coming decades, its innovative potential will bring irreversible changes in our lives, allowing us to reinterpret established processes and devise new ones. Its speed and diffusion will reduce the need for the movement of goods and people, with clear benefits for the environment. It will change the times and the methods of every information and decision-making process, making immediate what would have previously taken hours or days.

    In the e-commerce world, changes in processes will change the distribution model of consumer goods and their accessibility by consumers, affecting the urban structure of cities and their social organization.

    They will also evolve the experience of using information and online content at levels that we are only beginning to imagine, with artificial intelligence that will make it possible to virtually wear a product thus making it easier to make a choice and making it even more natural and simple to find the best solution for you.


    We are constantly looking for young people who share our passion for innovation, fashion and technology and are eager to grow together with our company.
    The positions in the company can be viewed on the page Careers.


    iKRIX S.p.A.
    Via Cassini, 12 F/R
    16149 Genova

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