Never again solid color

    They can be intimidating because making mistakes is easy. But they have the charm of audacity, color, creativity and cheerfulness. Some brands have made tmem the backbone of their style, just think of Versace, with the Medusa and its baroque graphics.

    It's not easy to master prints, especially in men's fashion. Unless you have a creative job, wearing a printed garment seems out of place, almost revolutionary.

    Here are some tips on how to wear them:

    # 1 The first golden rule is "irony", that is, don't take yourself too seriously. In this way, even the Versace all-over can be worn without looking like an American rapper. An extreme touch works when sported lightly.

    #2 The second rule is "keep it simple", i.e. keep the rest as minimal as you can. Dare with a loud sweatshirt or jacket, but pair it with the simplest items in your closet.

    #3 Third rule: put it in context. Remember Tom Selleck in Magnum PI? Try re-creating his iconic look (maybe leaving out the prominent mustache): the Hawaiian shirt should be worn with light wash jeans and vintage boat shoes or sneakers.