Power Dressing: the skirt edit

    Since when, in the late '70s, Giorgio Armani redesigned the suit in a feminine key, thus consecrating a new era in which women could aspire to leadership positions, our imagination has been populated with career women in trouser suits or, at most, in jackets and pencil skirts.

    Thanks to the spring-summer collections, the skirt in its thousand styles is the star of the season and the skirt-blazer combo in its updated versions is back in the spotlight.

    Feminine and practical, versatile and scenographic, the skirt is the perfect garment to renew our old blazer and to accompany us on our work day.

    1. The tulle skirt

    With the right accessories, its romantic nature remains in the background and lends itself to an executive style interpretation.

    With the white shirt and the jacket (or, as in our case, the vest) tightened at the waist by a belt to underline the silhouette.
    And with the pumps or flats, it is perfect for the meeting room.

    2. The flower printed skirt

    Colorful and lively, it lights up spring days.

    With the denim shirt, it gets bold and, paired to a navy blue blazer, it becomes formal enough to be worn at the office.

    3. The khaki skirt

    Its colonial heritage makes it perfect if matched with white and butter shades. Khaki, however, goes with everything.

    Warning: avoid ton sur ton if you want to avoid the safari effect!

    4. The knitted skirt

    It can have thousands of textures and nuances thanks to the many ways in which it is processed: ribs, intarsia or ramages patterns, in plain colors or melange and with Lurex

    The knitted skirt changes style when paired to an evening top or a cotton shirt for the day.
    In fact, here the contrast between the brightness of its yarns and the leather accessories makes the look elegant and unexpected.

    5. The pleated skirt

    Maybe the most practical and successful style of the latest seasons.
    It suits everyone, it's easy to wear and flirty.

    We have chosen military green and matched it with peach for a new combo.
    We have also added a neon sandal as we love the "wrong" detail that makes everything so special.