Natural, bold colours, in earth tones; cottons and canvas.

    Cargo pants, loose jackets, heavy shirts evoke the pacifist movements of the 1960s and an unconventional, daring, adventurous attitude.

    For decades now, colors and military-inspired garments have been populating our streets, and are synonymous with super casual casualwear.
    However, we like to go beyond the rules and offer you four ways to wear a military look in a new and super chic way. 


    Instead of an elegant blazer or caban, we choose the camouflage jacket along with the feathered trousers, the silk blouse and the jewel sandal, as Jenna Lyons would do, a style icon capable of wearing the denim jacket to the red carpet and being the most elegant of all.

    In this way an otherwise serious look becomes original and suitable for women both under 30 and over 50.


    In other words, how to transform a social centre look into a front row look with a simple accessory.

    Here the sandal does it all. Very high and precious, with the pants turned up to show the ankle, it becomes the protagonist of a fresh and sexy look and twists the common idea of the cargo pants as inextricably linked to the combat boots.


    Military green, lent to a super feminine garment, becomes a classic.

    Even in the fashion of a 50’s diva with a straw handbag, flat sandals and butterfly glasses.


    Never a context would seem so far away from the military theme as a ceremony, yet in fashion, as in all forms of culture, contamination is precious.

    A light camou print dress, a retro coat and elegant accessories and...the magic is done.