A New Day

    The summer of 2020, a year we will certainly never forget, has finally arrived.
    Without a doubt, these surreal months have left their mark. For some it was an epiphany, for others an ordeal. For others yet, it was just a strange pause.
    We have lived an epochal experience and we cautiously look to the day after, trying to resume our lives, which, perhaps, will never be the same again.
    And so each in his or her own way faces the post-lockdown debut.
    We have tried to outline four types of reaction to the reopening:

    #1 The Intimist

    He/She has discovered that the four walls are their ideal dimension, and that the outside world does not have all that appeal.

    So they find ways to spend more time at home, lingering between TV series, online yoga and aperitifs on the balcony.

    #2 The party lover

    On the opposite side, there are those who, after months of forced isolation, could not wait to dive headfirst into the "revenge partying": put on their masks, maybe glittery, and get ready for a summer of dances and drinks with friends.

    #3 The ecologist

    The images of nature, which, in the absence of man, reappears in the cities and regains its splendor has certainly touched the souls of the most ecologically aware individuals.

    These nature lover have decided to get their backpacks ready as soon as possible, and dive "into the wild", whether it be the sea, the mountains or the countryside, and relish a contact, unfortunately increasingly weak, with Mother Earth.

    #4 Last but not least, the workaholic

    The slower pace put them to the test and were eager to get back to work.

    They wear their office blazers and decide not to go on holiday until at least 2021.