Months of isolation and closed borders have widened distances.
    Right now, the world is not as close as it used to be but the desire to travel and experience that feeling of closeness again is more intense than ever.

    So let us imagine a trip around the world starting from the West, with a stopover in the colonies of Mediterranean Africa and Dark Africa, a passage through India and the Far East and proceeding all the way to Latin America.

    Breathing local smells and atmospheres and drawing on local customs.

    Our luggage is enriched with accessories and exotic details, in a contamination among cultures that produces an encyclopedia of styles.


    Safari in Swahili means travel.


    Through the boundless horizons of the savannah, merging with the colours of the earth.



    The perfumes of the souk, the embroidery of the majolica, the hieratic litany of the muezzin.


    In the old British colonies


    The intensity of the colours, the richness of the architecture and the elegance of the traditional clothes.



    Where slowness is the cornerstone of rituality and where aesthetics merges with philosophy.