Women's Bucket bags


    The bucket bag is one of the top seasonal bag styles: discover the most coveted bucket bags on our online shop: from the timeless classics to the latest trends offered by luxury brands. The bucket bag, one of the classic staples of women's bags, is among the most popular styles of the new season. The bucket bag was born in 1932 at the Vuitton house, when a champagne producer asked to create a bag that could carry five bottles. Thus the first bucket bag was born: it could hold four bottles standing and one neck down in the center. The bucket bag, as a utility bag, became very popular at first in picnics and then as an accessory for personal use. The bucket bag is an iconic model that, at various times, has been favored by the female audience and that has been interpreted differently each time: a symbol of autonomy for women in the 60s, animated by a casual spirit in the 70s and in a bon ton style in the 90's.

    How to wear the bucket bag this season

    Bucket bags are back then: they mainly come in leather, are versatile and roomy and their structured and sleek lines speak of effortless and timeless elegance. Versatility is actually one of the main reasons of the success of bucket bags:

    • in their largest versions, such as those by Coach and Alexander McQueen, they are perfect for the day;
    • they have a rock flavor when featuring studs and fringes such as in the case of the bucket bags by Alexander Wang and Jimmy Choo;
    • in their smaller versions, such as those by Marni and Miu Miu, they can perfect any evening outfits.

    Perfect your look with the right bag style

    Complete your collection of bags with a bucket bag in the new summer colors, such as for example, coral red for an eye-catching look or a total denim outfit, in white/cream tones for a more refined look matched with capri pants, a shirt and low sandals or loafers , or in black for more formal outfits. Browse the pages of our online catalog and discover the wide range of women's buckets by the most coveted luxury brands that will help you add a unique note to your looks!