Women's gloves

If you think that gloves are only for protecting hands from cold weather, now you have to change your mind, because these accessories rediscover all their splendor covering women's hands with a pinch of mystery and refined elegance.

A touch of sophistication with the vintage-inspired gloves

Gloves were the protagonists of women's fashion since the early Renaissance and in particular in the 18th century, periods in which these accessories were considered indispensable partners for every elegant and aristocratic woman.

In the 19th century the gloves were necessarily white or in soft shades of color, to be combined with evening dresses and the most refined day outfits. In the 20th century, gloves had many ups-and-downs, but they have always been considered very important accessories, especially from 30s to 60s. The most elegant women of those years matched short gloves, used tone-on-tone with other accessories, to the day outfits, while they reserved longer types for cocktail and evening dresses.

Today as then, women's gloves are a refined detail and choose precious materials, beautiful colors and surprising details to embellish and protect female hands with a touch of class.

Fine materials and precious finishes for the best women’s gloves

Leather is the perfect material in every season of the year, because it’s soft and suitable for thousands effects. Leather gloves could be lined, to better protect against cold weather, or be more simple and decidedly comfortable for hand’s movements.

The classic black leather gloves are proposed in the collections of Dsquared2, Isabel Marant, Maison Margiela and Gucci. Feisty and sensual, these gloves could be matched to a trench coat for a seductive and mysterious effect, or to a leather jacket for a woman who loves a bold rock style.

But there are also many colors to choose from, an infinite rainbow from which this year emerge trendy shades like orange, chosen by Prada, or the classic tanned color, proposed by Burberry in combination with its iconic tartan print. But also color-block and woven effects, like those created by Bottega Veneta, with combinations of leather in different colors that make the gloves modern and appealing.

You can match colored gloves to any kind of outfit, playing tone-on-tone with the colors of jackets and accessories, creating nice contrasts or maybe combining them with a denim jacket and a casual-style tote bag.

For the coldest days, but especially for the more sporty outfits, there are gloves made of performing hi-tech stretch fabrics, which protect the hands and are extremely comfortable at the same time. That’s why technical fabrics are chosen by sportswear brands for their casual clothing lines, such as Adidas by Stella McCartney and Nike.

And for the eveningwear? The 80s-style fashion sees the revival of short gloves in black or white lace, as those seen on Off-White and Gucci’s catwalks. If you want a decidedly more scenic effect, there are also the satin or leather long gloves proposed by N° 21, Salvatore Ferragamo and Maison Margiela.

Focus on details for the most fashionable women's gloves

The attention for details is becoming increasingly important in modern apparel, because it’s through their refined unicity that women could express all their elegance and style. The trendiest designers of the moment focus their attention on gloves and on the many ways to decorate and make them even more special, creating many models that could satisfy all style needs:

  • The front-opening leather gloves by Gucci and Nina Ricci are inspired by those used by 50s women for driving cars
  • Maison De Faux and Salvatore Ferragamo decorate their unlined leather gloves with soft drapes
  • Karl Lagerfeld’s fingerless gloves were really iconic and now are re-proposed by Chanel in different colors
  • The innovative Off-White’s gloves are asymmetrical and partially cover the hand
  • Ann Demeulemeester creates color contrasts with cuffs that show the lining
  • Dolce & Gabbana apply patched tags with their logo to innovatively decorate day gloves