Men's beanies

Warm, comfortable and trendy, beanies give an original touch to every look. They can surprise us with bright colors and fancy patterns or, in the classic shades, be the perfect partner of everyday style. This Fall/Winter, beanies are a real must-have of male wardrobe that can update your look in an eye blink.

Add a distinctive touch to your looks

Men's beanies are a fantastic accessory for those who love sporty styles. The athleisure trend, that has become a key trend in men's fashion, has also addressed accessories that are now inspired by sports and feature technical gadgets such as the beanies by C.P.Company. Among the styles inspired by the world of sport there also are the cable knit beanies decorated with pom poms, with embroidered logos (such as Moncler beanies) and the wool beanies with multicolored bands by Fendi. The classic wool beanie is one of the most appreciated by trendsetters around the world. Born for outdoor sports, the wool beanie has invaded the catwalks of the latest menswear collections, ideal for practically all types of garment, from coats to casual jackets and to sweatshirts, creating original and fashionable outfits. Looking for tips on how to wear a beanie in an innovative way? For a head-turning look, pair your beanie to a blazer and classic trousers played down by a pair of trainers.

The classic beanie becomes a must-have for men's looks

The wool beanie has very ancient traditions. The first models date back to the Middle Ages, when they were used under the hoods of capes and coats or other types of hats. In time, beanies became an indispensable accessory for those who spent a lot of time outdoors and especially at sea, like fishermen or sailors, because they protected heads and ears from the wind. So much so that the fishermen's beanie is one of the most typical styles of beanies. This year the classic ribbed beanie, in shades of blue, black and gray, has become a much-loved accessory for the trendiest men and one of the most seen in menswear fashion shows and in street-style outfits. The classic wool beanie can be matched with everything, it is practical and comfortable, and can even be carried in a pocket and worn when needed. Many prestigious brands include beanies in their collections. Fay for example proposes the marine inspired blue beanie while Fedeli opts for classic and evergreen shades. Speaking about colors, often brands abandon the classic shades of gray, black, blue and brown to choose brilliant and even neon colors:

  • Dsquared2 and GCDS propose their beanies in neon tones that certainly do not go unnoticed;
  • for those who love vivid colors, the brilliant shades of yellow seen on Versace catwalks or the strong coloring of the sporty-chic collections by Nike will be ideal;
  • Missoni opts for multi-colored wool and rediscovers the Nordic traditions with its mountain style inspired beanies.

Dsquared2 and Missoni also offer beanies with maxi embroidered or jacquard logo in contrasting colors, creative designer Jeremy Scott's beanies mimic the print of newspapers, Moncler Grenoble finds inspiration in the graffiti recalling the 80s and the two-tone beanie by Gucci shows a college-style inspiration and is decorated with golden embellishments. For a casual yet original look, the extra-long beanies by Levi's and Calvin Klein and the ski mask shapes by C.P. Company are the best choice especially when paired to a parka or a padded jacket.