Wild beasts

Man has always been fascinated by the animal kingdom, by the fierce and wild character of the most ferocious beasts, by their strength and power.

This season, men's fashion transforms the image of the wild beasts in fetishes to wear to get the power of the animal itself. So Marcelo Burlon prints howling wolves on t-shirts and sweatshirts, Gucci and Philipp Plein rediscover the magnetic charm and strong beauty of the tiger, Saint Laurent and Dsquared2 play with vintage graphic signs that warn against the attacks of sharks and poisonous snakes, Alexander McQueen rips his jeans with furious claws and Dolce & Gabbana use the shark tooth as basic shape of their sneakers.

The wardrobe becomes almost a zoo, with a predilection for sportswear and casualwear, where the prints are the absolute protagonists, fabrics reminiscent the exotic leather textures and animals are everywhere, even on smartphone covers.

Tiger man

Symbol of power and strength, the tiger reigns supreme in the tropical forest. In modern metropolis, considered urban jungles, the man wearing the symbol of this magnificent feline shows an indomitable character, ready to respond to the dangers of life with some assertiveness and a regal spirit.


Bengal print windbreaker by Gucci, Tiger jogging waistcoat by Philipp Plein, Embroidered tiger patch polo by Gucci, Caution cotton tracksuit bottom by Philipp Plein, El Muerto 6/6S iPhone cover by Marcelo Burlon, Web and tiger patch sneakers by Gucci.

Wolves and lambs

The eternal struggle between good and evil, between the wildest spirit and the most docile character. The game between prey and predators can be inspiring to create a comfortable outfit that displays a tough attitude thanks to prints watching us with furious eyes that contrasts with the soft wool surface of fabrics.


Vintage effect shearling coat by Neil Barrett, Victor Crew sweatshirt by Marcelo Burlon, Eye print jersey T-shirt by Balmain, Wool trousers with darts by Brunello Cucinelli, Ribbed cashmere beanie by Paolo Fiorillo Capri, Henry Commando brogued suede boots by Tricker's.

Sharp teeth

Sharks, crocodiles, snakes and guard dogs have one thing in common: the powerful bite. The sharp teeth always scared us and the best way to exorcise fear, as taught by ancient shamans, is getting that power through fetish objects. We do not wear necklaces made of shark teeth anymore, but through prints and textures their power is under our control.

Embossed cocco print leather jacket by Armani Collezioni, Arizona print vintage sweatshirt by Dsquared2, Shark print T-shirt by Saint Laurent, Five pockets ripped jeans by Alexander Mcqueen, Rottweiler cashmere blend scarf by Givenchy, Shark teeth sole leather sneakers by Dolce & Gabbana.