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What’s up in contemporary art

The gallery Guidi&Schoen was established in 2002. The Gallery owners immediately began a collaboration with young artists such as Corradi Zeni, Giacomo Costa and Matteo Basilé.

With time, the aesthetic research has increasingly developed making the Guidi&Schoen gallery a well-known player in the international market with a meaningful presence at art shows abroad.

The gallery represents painters, photographers and sculptors.

We have met Chico Schoen and the PR gallery Cristina Ferrari, who supports the gallery in the promotion and organization of events.

What are the major trends in contemporary art with regards to techniques and materials?

We see a great mixture of techniques and materials in all genres from photography to sculpture. There is a search for the most suitable way to express the artist’s view.

Is the contemporary art market geo-localized?

Geographic differences are driven mostly by the economic conditions of the various countries. Today we are doing very well in Germany, France, UK, Australia and the United States. From what we see, I can say that the investment market is somewhat stronger compared to that of the collectors, who tend to enter the artists' work more and rely on the advice from the gallery owners for their purchases.

What kind of relationship do you have with artists you represent?

We have emerging artists, mid-career and very well established ones. Each of them is at a certain stage of his or her path and this bears some consequences on the relationship. Plus, every artist is different and relationships are ‘personal’. In general, however, we represent our artists in Italy and abroad, organizing exhibitions, devising books and doing all we can to support their development and promotion.

Which are the best known of your artists at an international level?

One is Giacomo Costa with whom we have created a very close relationship. We began to work with him in 2003 and he has exhibited in the US, Germany, France where he is part of the permanent collection at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Italy and Australia, among other countries.

In 2012, the New York Times dedicated to his work a whole page in its international edition.

Ground1, Aqua 11, Landscape 1_5_6 by Giacomo Costa.

Another one is Massimo Vitali who is among the most beloved and established Italian photographers. He moved to London after high school, where he studied Photography at the London College of Printing.

In the early Sixties he started working as a photojournalist and also worked as as a cinematographer for television and cinema. However, photography to him remains "a means for artistic research".

Among the most well-known works of art by Giacomo, I’d like to mention the series of Italian Beaches.

# 4375, # 4454 Las Catedrales Arch Low Tide, # 4561 by Massimo Vitali

Since 1971 Olivo Barbieri has developed a great interest in photography concentrating his research initially on artificial illumination in European and Oriental cities and then on landscapes which he photographs preferably from aboard a helicopter.

He has published books, shot films and exhibited at the Triennale di Milano, in the USA, in UK and Shanghai.

site specific_JORDAN 0412, 08 site specific_NYC 07, 17 Iguazu Argentina-Brasil 2007 by Olivo Barbieri

Matteo Basilé’s career begins in the early '90s as one of Europe's first artists merging art and technology. Basilé has the extraordinary capacity to conciliate opposing ideas such as beauty and grotesque, natural and artificial. Exploring the nature of humankind, the artist guides us through several levels of comprehension, both sensorial and intellectual, where we suddenly become aware of those aspect of reality that are usually hidden within ourselves. 

He is internationally well known and exhibits in all continents.

From top left: UNSEEN 5_2014, landing2012-03, landing2012-08, landing2012-14 by Matteo Basilé

Any ongoing project?

In a few days we are opening a solo exhibition with the works of Davide La Rocca, a very interesting artist who investigates the role of perception through a dialogue between photography and painting tecniques reminiscent of divisionism.

Well, thank you for the time you have devoted to us and see you at La Rocca’s exhition then!

Sure! Thank you, too.