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Urban Eden: Chronicle of a Project of Daily Happiness

We have met creative interior designer Mario Sturlese in the new concept store in Genoa, Italy.

Why Genoa and what does the statement ‘chronicle of a project of daily happiness’ mean to you?

Well, the choice of Genoa comes from an affective and creative affinity with Anna Talarico, the other founding member of our company Urban Eden. Anna is a well-known hair stylist and I restructured her hair salons in La Spezia first and in Genoa later. Anna was so happy with the result that she entrusted me with the renewal of her house and then invited me to move to Genoa and launch a concept store with her.

I then called Luca De Matheis to join me in this project.

When it comes to the statement, well, yes, it might seem ambitious. In fact, it is connected to the fact that our moving was to us a new beginning and as everything on the way was turning out just perfectly, we began to view this path as a project that was yielding promises and bits of happiness every day.

And now that the project is a reality we are opening it to everybody: everybody can come in, enter this world and be part of it. Be happy, in a way. This place is a sort of parallel world open to all and the amazing thing is that upon entering everybody finds something they like. It’s as if we are creating objects for the next person who will come in.

 From the left: Mario Sturlese and Luca De Matheis

How did you begin?

We are very inclined to change and interior design to both of us came as a new life. I had always been passionate about décor, textiles and interior design and after a sabbatical year in which I lived in UK and specialized in fabric painting with Tea Wilson I began this new activity also thanks to Luca’s support and the start of our cooperation.

Luca had a similar experience and, while I am more focused on color and texture, Luca’s specialty is the organization of spaces and distribution of volumes. He can devise and project constructions that are amazing.

Who/which are your inspirations?

Paola Navone is a major inspiration. But also Sergio Perrero with whom we have a consolidated cooperation. Travels are also a strong source of inspiration and memories to build on.

Any recent work you are particularly proud of?

One is the hotel Eco del Mare in the wonderful frame of Lerici, another one is our home in Tuscany, some settings for White Milan and the Festival of Cannes. And now we are working on a new project for a hotel in Florence and a restaurant.

The disegners' home in Tuscany

The hotel Eco del Mare, Lerici.

In all our projects we aim to develop creativity that is tailored on just that precise customer. Naturally enough, the stile is always our style and is recognizable but we are the antithesis of homologation. What we do is just for one person because it is a mix of suggestions from the environment, customer’s desires and our sensibility.

Three adjectives to describe your style?

True, emotional and handcrafted. True meaning that all materials are original. If we say that something is Indian or Thai, that’s what it is. Emotional meaning that it creates emotions. Almost 98% of all the material we use is used or however hand-made so it has its own story and emotions which we try to capture and work on it.

The concept store