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Transitional season - Suggested looks for him

This can be a challenging season as far as getting dressed for the day is concerned.

Here are some suggested outfit that will inspire you this time of year and make things easier!

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Let’s start with a medium weight jacket such as the rider leather jacket by Saint Laurent and match it with the checked Lanvin t-shirt and Dolce & Gabbana jeans with distressed details. Golden Goose beanie and the trainers of Hogan Rebel complete a black and brown street style inspired look.

The main piece of the second look is a classic staple ─ the trench, in this case by Herno. It is paired with a blue jacket by T-Jacket and trousers by Jacob Cohen. Get the Lanvin trainers to add a trendy touch to a casual but classic style.

Last but not least, the Dries Van Noten blazer is coordinated with Dolce & Gabbana polka dot sweater and white shirt, a grey pair of jeans by Gucci and accessories that enrich the look with a gipsy flavour: the cashmere scarf by Ama and the ankle boots in brown suede by Saint Laurent.

Warm up and cool off as needed with your shopping at iKRIX.1


saint_laurent_leather_biker_jacket_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  lanvin_checked_front_t_shirt_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  dolce_e_gabbana_gold_14_fit_jeans_bee_and_crown_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  golden_goose_ggdb_record_beanie_ikrix_shop_online.jpg

hogan_rebel_r141_trainers_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  herno_double_breasted_trench_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  t-jacket_cotton_single_breasted_jacket_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  armani_linen_shirt_ikrix_shop_online.jpg

jacob_cohen_tailored_jeans_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  lanvin_mesh_and_suede_running_sneakers_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  dries_van_noten_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  dolce_e_gabbana_polka_dot_sweater_ikrix_shop_online.jpg

dolce_e_gabbana_gold_fit_shirt_with_crown_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  gucci_stretch_skinny_jeans_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  ama_cashmere_twill_scarf_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  saint_laurent_jodhpur_ankle_boots_ikrix_shop_online.jpg