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The fur, the leisure

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Leisurely home and a friendly atmosphere wrapped up by the soft volumes of furs for boho style life.

Boho comes from the bohemian, a style that draws from the seventies and is now back in vogue with style icons such as Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. Also known as boho-chic, to emphasize the luxury side of it, the boho style can be defined as a mix of items from top designers paired with vintage pieces to achieve a balance between refinement and spontaneity.

The fur is a must-have for a boho outfit and for F/W fashion trends. It was showcased on the runways of Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Marni, MSGM and many others. It can be used both as a coat, such as in the collections by N8, Yves Salomon and Roberto Cavalli or detailed in Bazar Deluxe’s necklines of coats and shawls and Etro’s outerwear.

To perfect your boho look, this precious material perfectly matches the lightness of pastel blouses such as the ones by Blumarine, the brocade skirts by Isola Marras and Etro’s geometric and floral patterns. Different patterns can be combined together to create an unexpected twist, as in the case of the reversible leopard coat by Bazar Deluxe, the striped blouse by Roberto Cavalli and the python bag Marlow by Michael Kors.

The ideal accessories are fringed handbags, such as Burberry’s leather and canvas one, or napa leather like Miss Bamboo by Gucci and the crocodile leather tote by Armani Collections.

As a final touch, wear a pair of boots, such as  Sergio Ross’s Shannen, Saint Laurent’ wedge boots, Balenciaga suede and fabric ankle boots or the suede boots inspired to the '70s by the queen of boho, Isabel Marant.

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bazar_deluxe_opera_shawl_with_fur_insert_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  etro_geometrical_motif_skirt_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  gucci_miss_bamboo_shoulder_bag_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  saint_laurent_suede_boots_ikrix_shop_online.jpg

n8_raccoon_fur_vest_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  yves_salomon_fox_fur_coat_blue_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  yves_salomon_rex_rabbit_fur_vest_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  yves_salomon_rex_rabbit_fur_jacket_ikrix_shop_online.jpg

etro_multicoloured_knitted_coat_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  etro_colour_block_vest_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  burberry_susanna_fringed_canvas_check_bag_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  isabel_marant_grover_suede_boots_ikrix_shop_online.jpg

bazar_deluxe_reversible_fur_coat_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  roberto_cavalli_animal_print_blouse_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  etro_brocade_skirt_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  michael_kors_large_marlow_satchel_ikrix_shop_online.jpg

roberto_cavalli_mink_fur_coat_with_hagfish_bands_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  etro_rose_motif_skirt_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  armani_crocodile_texture_hobo_tote_ikrix_shop_online.jpg  balenciaga_suede_and_fabric_ankle_boots_ikrix_shopping_online.jpg

bazar_deluxe_fringed_coat_with_lapin_fur_vest_ikrix_shopping_online.jpg  bazar_deluxe_opera_shawl_with_fur_insert_ikrix_shopping_online.jpg  etro_pisley_coat_with_fur_insert_ikrix_shopping_online.jpg  etro_fringed_shawls_ikrix_shopping_online.jpg