The Dreamers and other stories

His eyes capture the images that he freezes in time with his camera.

Steve Panariti is a young eclectic photographer that finds a sense of completion in wandering from the street style world to the fashion arena and the environment around him.

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Steve Panariti (source: courtesy of the artist)

iK: When did you start devoting yourself full time to photography?
S.P.: I started in 1999 when I decided to pursue my lifelong passion. At the beginning, the world of fashion with its search for beauty and perfection enticed me. Later, I came to include other types of pictures as well.

iK: What gives you ideas and inspires you?
A: As far as street style pictures are concerned, I am inspired by what surrounds me ─ the country, towns and neighborhoods. I photograph all that excites me, using different techniques, from digital to rolls of films or Polaroid.

iK: How do you go about shooting? Do you try to recreate in your shots something you have seen?
S.P.: Well, I tend to photograph what I see only in passing, without thinking much about shooting, technique and everything that goes with it. When it comes to fashion shootings, however, everything is carefully studied in detail, from the lights to the type of camera I will use and the models.

iK: Do you prefer shooting portraits, fashion or landscapes?
S.P.: Well, all those types of photography together contribute to completing my profile as a photographer. Crossing the borders from one world to another is inspiring and I would miss any of them if I were to make a choice.

iK: It looks like you want us to read a story in the eyes of the people you photograph.
S.P.: The people I photograph are usually unaware of the fact I am taking pictures of them. However, sometimes, I enter into contact with them, I start talking to them, we enter a relationship and I ask if I can follow them, shoot pictures or simply join them. Up until today, I’ve always managed to get away with this.

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iK: Your latest exhibition, that presents shootings from a trip to the USA, is entitled The Dreamers. What does that mean?
S.P.: The title points to a state of apparent drowsiness visible in many of the people photographed. It’s a metaphor for what lies between a real dream and hope.
The Dreamers is an exploration of life in New York, on the subway and in its streets, a journey among its dwellers across Harlem, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Coney Island.

iK: Your favourite photographers?
S.P.: Ed Templeton, Dennis McGrath, Boogie, Jerome Sessini. 

iK: Do you prefer black and white or colour?
A: Black and white. Colours can sometime draw attention away.

'People' project (source: courtesy of the artist)

iK: Any new project?
S.P.: I am working on a project that will be exhibited at the end of the year – all shot in old 110 films.

iKRIX: Thank you for your time Steve and good luck for your next project.
Steve: Thank you. It’s been a pleasure.

For more info on Steve Panariti, please visit his website.

The Dreamers
25 February - 10 March 2016
Where: Square23 Street Art Gallery, Via S. Massimo, 45, 10123 Turin, Italy
Ph.: +39 334.9980390