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Stripes ... Fall in line!

Spring/ Summer 2015 Fashion Trend #1 is fall in line with stripes!

Colourful or simply black and white does not matter - stripes give a cheerful touch to every look, from the sporty one that pairs Stella McCartney tops with jeans and sneakers to the a more feminine one teaming one of Valentino’s dresses with a pair of flat shoes and a vivid coloured bag.

Be creative and enjoy your shopping at iKRIX!

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multicolour_t_shirt_ikrix.jpg   crystal_embroidered_jeans_ikrix.jpg   jersey_joy_bag_ikrix.jpg   route_h259_ikrix.jpg

lace_polo_ikrix_shop_online.jpg   script_medium_tote_ikrix_shop_online.jpg   shirt_with_ruches_ikrix_shop_online.jpg   h257_sandals_ikrix_shop_online.jpg

mindy_t_shirt_ikrix_shop_online.jpg   capri_jeans_ikrix_shopping_online.jpg   multicolour_polo_t_shirt_ikrix_shopping_online.jpg   h222_trainers_ikrix_shop_online.jpg

shirt_dress_ikrix_shop_online.jpg   lowell_flats_ikrix_shop_online.jpg   jersey_dress_ikrix_shop_online.jpg   zipped_small_bowling_bag_ikrix_shop_online.jpg