Souvenir fashion

The theme of casual and sporty men’s fashion in this beginning of the new season is inspired by the need to escape from the daily working routine. Prints on t-shirts, sweatshirts and shirts look like souvenirs and wink at distant paradises, at the holiday mood of California and Florida, at the beautiful atmospheres of Italy’s landscapes.  

Fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Golden Goose, Polo Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen, Prada and Givenchy have rediscovered the pleasure of visiting faraway places, of indulging in fantasy and freedom through the creation of comfortable and laid-down clothes.

Collections that do not want to let the excitement of the journey disappear and look forward to your next holiday.

Palm Beach

A summer landscape with palm trees, long golden sandy beaches in some luxury resort or in the sparkling and lively cities along the American coasts. The outfit for such an environment includes a print inspired by the palm trees and old cabriolets, hyper comfortable fabrics and a truly street style look.


Sleeveless coated nylon jacket by Prada Linea Rossa,  Embroidered patch sweatshirt by Dolce &Gabbana, Printed cotton T-shirt by Golden Goose, Embroidered logo short trousers by McQueen, Desert Palm cotton cap by Dsquared2, Santa Monica denim sneakers  by Dsquared2.

Italian beauty

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world for its incredible beauty, the breathtaking scenery, the exceptional artistic and cultural heritage. Here you can smell the sweet scents of the Mediterranean and celebrate the Dolce Vita and beauty of life. Get inspired by an outfit that plays with the colors of the Italian flag, the scents of the earth and the artistic heritage of Italy.


Drop waterproof jacket by Save The Duck,  Wool V-neck sweater by Polo Ralph Lauren,  Agrigento Music flier T-shirt by Dolce &Gabbana, Over fit cargo jeans by Dsquared2, The Candle Discovery Set by Ready to smell?, Classic leather sneakers by Philippe Model.

Indian tale

A myriad of colors and unusual combinations, a pop and psychedelic universe that welcomes travelers as soon as they set foot in India. The journey in the Asian subcontinent is actually much more
than a simple sightseeing tour, it is a voyage into the soul, in the incredible atmosphere of those magical lands, in the knowledge of a world where old and new blend inextricably. To travel in India you need comfortable and practical clothes, and, above all, the right mood to appreciate the beauty of this country.


Letters from India print bomber by Alexander McQueen, Gray jumper with leather patch by John Richmond, Exotic print cotton shirt by Prada, Slim fit chino trousers by Paolo Fiorillo Capri, Crazy Cleopatra nylon backpack by Givenchy, Superstar bicolour leather sneakers by Golden Goose.