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Showrooms at work: Marziano Bello

The sales campaign Spring / Summer 2015 is coming to an end.

After days of hectic activity, the showroom Marziano Bello, one of the most prestigious in Milan, opens its doors to us. The showroom hosts some of the most interesting brands.

Marziano Bello welcomes us in.

What kind of activities are carried out in a showroom?

The purpose of a showroom is to show the new collections to buyers. Compared to seeing a collection at a show, the advantage here is that you can touch the fabrics, see details and colors. You can try something on and see how a garment fits and how it falls.

How is your relationship with brands? Do you choose them or do they choose you?

Well, when you represent a brand, there must be some kind of affinity between you and the brands’ values. My guiding principles are two: always have the person at the center of what you do and never be afraid of what comes next.

Which brands do you have?

Well, we have quite a few brands. I am proud to say that we have introduced to the international scene some start up collections that have been very well received and are now well established. Car Shoe, 45rpm, K. Jacques St. Tropez, Vanessa Bruno, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand and Notify to name a few.

But we also have Oliver Spencer, Rhié, 6397, Blue Blue Japan, Inhabit, Mt. Rainier Design, Sea, Sibel Saral, Trovata, ts(s), Kippy’s, Duro Olowu for example.

In your experience, do buyers ask directly for a brand or do they let you drive?

Both. It depends on the people - usually, they already have something in mind, and want to see the collections from the brands they buy or follow. Then they let us take the lead because they trust us. We know their tastes and therefore we offer brands that we think that they will find interesting, which are likely to appeal to them.