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Ready to smell? Scented candles, travel memories and luxury handcrafted work

Two passions – perfumes and travels – are the springboard from which the project of creating haut de gamme scented candles has taken off.  The candles are dedicated to cosmopolitan and stylish travelers, as a tribute to the beauty and uniqueness of Italian landscape and art. The candles evoke an olfactive journey inspired by the 18th century Grand Tour, but in a contemporary way, conveying a sense of history, elegance and luxury craftsmanship.

The places evoked belong to the private life of their creator, Italian journalist and writer Mariangela Rossi. Born in Genoa with Tuscan roots, Mariangela has many childhood memories on the Riviera Ligure, in Portofino, and in Lucca, where she still has a country family home in the quiet Tuscany hills. Mariangela lives in Milan with her husband and her daughter.

Ready to smell? is a limited collection of handmade candles, each restoring the olfactive experience of a particular place. They are manufactured with high-quality raw ingredients, non-toxic paraffin wax and fragrances created by master perfumers in Paris and Grasse.

The wax is housed in a decorative white frosted glass holder handmade in Italy that can be used, once the candles have burned to the end, as a make-up brushes or pen pot, or even as a small plant container.

The candles come in white top quality paper presentation boxes with silver printed labels evoking artistic interior designs of old Italian buildings with historical charm.

The candles are on sale in a few luxury hotels, spas, concept stores and online at

After an initial Christmas capsule produced for a limited number of luxury hotels, Mariangela has fine-tuned her first collection that now includes three fragrances – Milano, Toscana and Portofino, the places of her childhood.

MILANO:  Milan is a mix of glimpses, people and emotions. A place of endless opportunities. Its candle, a tribute to the made-in-Italy elegance, unveils an accord of woods and leather and asserts its role as one of the international fashion and design capitals. Underneath it, the candle boasts notes of saffron, typically associated with a local gourmet rice dish, and flowers – an unexpected element in an urban setting. They recall hidden places, such as Milan cloisters and Leonardo da Vinci’s secret Vineyard in the heart of the city. 


PORTOFINO: The main theme of Portofino candle is a poetic walk in one of the Italian most idyllic villages in the world, with a scented and authentic accord carried by wind, featuring jasmin, fresh lemon and sea water notes. The idea is to be walking along the quays on a quiet day among fishing boats, surrounded by green, flowers, woods and the sea. The white and blue label recalls the local handcraft ceramic tradition, boat hulls and the color of a famous castle ceiling, former residence of the British Consul in Portofino. A little ray of instant sunshine.


TOSCANA: In a region of old perfumes and modern charm, this candle leads senses to be carried away by a comforting, woody and crackling fire, with a soft impression of iris and cypress essences, in a warm and indulging mood. It tells the story of relaxing summer afternoon by the swimming pool, sweet summer nights spent outdoors looking at the starry sky, but it can also remind the essence of noble palaces close to the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, with decorative wallpaper and painted beams, and incense perfume arising from nearby churches.


The candles are now available in three sizes:

  • 140 gr size, perfect for sophisticated globetrotters,
  • 320 gr, ideal as an interior design piece and
  • 700 gr, the largest, with three organic cotton wicks, suggested for bigger rooms. 

Discover now Ready to smell? home fragrances and shop the right essence for your home at


About Mariangela Rossi

Mariangela Rossi lives in Milan and is a well-known free-lance journalist specializing in lifestyle, tourism, perfumery and wellness and Scent tours organizer. A long-time collaborator of Elle Italy, How to Spend it and other renowned other Italian magazines and newspapers, Mariangela has published books and essays on the small pleasures of life, exploring trends from all over the world.
Among her publications, “Il Libro del profumo” ("Dillo con un profumo", TEA, 2014; “The book of perfume”, TEA, 2004) and the Italian edition of "Green is the new black: How to change the world with style" (Hodder & Stoughton, 2009).