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READY TO SMELL?: Mid-summer fragrances

An invitation to travel in time and space, to experiement and play with olfactory memories. Scented candles are a key to a world of emotions. We have asked Mariangela Rossi, journalist and writer specializing in lifestyle, tourism, perfumery and wellness, scent tours organizer, founder of Ready to smell? scented candles collection, if summer can be an obstacle to enjoy the atmosphere created by scented candles.

Although some people think the peak period for buying scented candles is Christmas, it would be wrong to limit their use to autumn and winter. During the entire year, home essences and candles are a way to create a unique atmosphere.  It is important to shift from the idea of an accessory to a deeper role, related to the mind and spirit, thanks to the direct link between smell and the limbic system – the deepest part of the brain which supports a variety of functions, including emotions, behavior and long term memory”, says Mariangela.

Which “Ready to smell?” fragrance would you suggest for summer?

I really love Toscana and its wood blend mixed with iris and cypress notes. Many people, however, believe that the best scent for summer is Portofino, with a delicate bouquet featuring jasmine, fresh lemon and seawater notes. The feeling is that of being on a pier in one of the most romantic villages in Italy, surrounded by the sea, bushes, flowers and wood. It is a fresh fragrance. It is like a ray of instant sunshine. Perfect for home decor, as a gift or as a travel souvenir, especially in its 140 g. format that can be easily carried in one’s luggage.


ould you recommend using home fragrances during the scorching hot summer nights?

Some people prefer to open windows and let the scent of jasmines in, others buy late-blooming roses to create a special atmosphere. Others yet, like me, do all these things, while also using candles. The atmosphere of a home is also built through the olfactory sensations you experience upon entering. Sometimes smell is more powerful than the visual impact. This is something to remember.

That said, during the summer, I think it’s better to have a fresh scented house, maybe with aquatic or lightly floral or fruity notes, to provide a unique olfactory feeling. Moreover, in all seasons, candles are a perfect and special gift for an invitation to a dinner. A scented candle during a light aperitif or dinner outside on a terrace or a balcony overlooking the sea can make it unforgettable.


Any tips?

A fragrance or a scented candle must highlight the atmosphere of an environment without being invasive. Be careful not to choose strong and warm notes for the summer.

If you decide to light a candle outdoors, keep it away from sunlight, since it may melt or alter. But also avoid extreme airflows, if you want to prevent a huge consumption and an endless wax dropping.

If you create a candle composition, leave at least 10 cm between each flame. Last but not least, do not keep candles lighted longer than four hours.

How do you blow out a candle?

Never with water. It’s better to blow gently, placing your hand behind the flame. Or better yet, you can use a specific candle snuffer. There are many kinds available on the market.

Do you use it?

Quite often. I’ll tell you a secret: a few days ago I was in Burgundy, France, on an antiques flea market, when I noticed an old brass candle snuffer with a wick cutter. It was wonderful, but also heavy and blackened. Anyway, I thought about its history, the number of candles it has blown out, to the many moments in people’s lives it’s been connected to and I immediately bought it.

Candles and relating accessories as a memory of past lives?

In a way, yes. A fragrance you smell is immediately connected to a mood. It’s a virtual image, a poem, a mirror to the soul. Even when you light up a candle, you can go back in time, trigger vivid emotional memories and shorten distances. With my Ready to smell? collection, now available in Milano, Toscana and Portofino, I wanted to celebrate not only my childhood memories relating to those places but also some of the most important artistic destinations and internationally renowned places in Italy. A part from the specific fragrances, I used silver hot printed labels recalling the frescos, intarsia and polychromy of noble and historical Italian buildings. I also wanted to pay a tribute to Italian excellent raw materials and natural landscapes: each ingredient, with IFRA fragrance certification made by expert perfumers from Paris and Grasse, is very carefully selected and helps us travel with your senses.”

Thank you, Mariangela, for your time and for sharing procious tips.

Thank you, and let me wish everyone a scented, unforgattable summer!

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