Prps jeans – loved by the stars

Prps jeans – loved by the stars

During high school, Harrell was helping his mother sew garments to sell at the local flea market. He then discovered that fashion came naturally to him.

Harrell moved to New York City after graduating and soon became the associate menswear designer for the brand Donna Karan. Harrell then worked for Nike in Portland, Oregon. And was later promoted to a new job designing with Nike in Hong Kong. During the 2002 World Cup, Harrell tailored uniforms for teams that signed with Nike, including Italy, the United States, Brazil and Japan.

Harrell said he was able to witness directly how clothing was made while working in Asia, and became more adept in the business of manufacturing. After a few years with Nike, Harrell said he felt the urge to start his own business, so he quit working for the company and moved back to the U.S. 

“I saw these amazing, beautiful jeans being made in Japan that were only sold in Japan,” Harrell said. “I decided to bring the style to the U.S. market and see if it would work, and it exploded.”

The motto for Prps is “Bruised, never broken.” Harrell said the inspiration for the motto came from the wearing-out process of a jean. Certain fades and tears in a pair of jeans reflect the personality of the wearer and cannot be replicated. “Causing a hole or an abrasion, these are the things that are bruised on your jean,” Harrell said. “They’re not broken. These are the beautiful things that develop personality-wise with your particular jean.”

On the Prps website, dozens of celebrities like David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Halle Berry were photographed wearing Harrell’s denim.

(Source: Prps)