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NOSE - the olfactory diagnosis system that surprises and astonishes

NOSE – the olfactory diagnosis system that surprises and astonishes.

NOSE is the new olfactory diagnosis system that thanks to an innovative app on an i-Pad will create your olfactory portrait and help you find the perfect perfume for yourself.

NOSE is an algorithm that analyses your answers to 5 personal questions and, based on that, identifies 5 fragrances that suit you. The next steps allow you to refine the search for the fragrance you wanted so badly and that, perhaps, you would never have found.

NOSE was born in Paris thanks to the “noses” Nicolas Cloutier, Mark Buxton and Silvio Levi and the work of a team of seven specialists in fragrances. It took them 2 years to develop this highly sophisticated algorithm and classify thousands of fragrances.

The result was astonishing – NOSE can guide you towards your preferences in an incredibly accurate manner.

The test is available in Paris (La Boutique NOSE) and Milan (Pérfume by Calé) to all customers who want to treat themselves to a moment of relaxation in a space of unique essences and exclusive fragrances and listening to the perfumes and their stories.

Pérfume by Calé, Milan, Italy

(Source Pérfume by Calé)