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Matteo Alfieri: The search for beauty and perfection in design and fashion

Matteo Alfieri


Design and fashion come together in Matteo Alfieri, a young designer with a rigorous and sophisticated taste, a master in Product Design from the Institute of European Design in Turin and a university degree in Industrial Design. 

A strong propensity to speed and the search for adrenaline as a stimulus to creativity as in the case of Futurism gets to the point of making Matteo become a ski instructor.
The constant search for beauty and perfection through the balance of the elements, the simplicity of the forms and the search for symmetry are the points around which his creativity rotates.

Matteo designs home accessories, creative set installations for fashion shows, sportswear collections and accessories. We have met him at Pitti Immagine Uomo 88.

From design to fashion. How did this transition happen?
Design and fashion are two harmonically interconnected worlds. When I was younger, every time I bought something to wear, I made minor changes and then ended up by creating a collection of my own called C78. A young and fresh line with an extreme attention to detail but very clean. I began to distribute it through selected shops and had a certain success.

How did you start working with other brands?
I got to know an Italian entrepreneur who had seen some samples from my C78 and who invited me to Pitti Immagine in 2009.  We immediately got on well together and I started working for his group, Beach Company, designing small capsules. Today, I work on several brands that are part of the group and more in particular on Jaggy, Elvestron, MBC and Audace for men's collections and collaborate with Refrigue for knitwear and sweatshirts.

Where do you find the inspiration for a new collection? Which are the key points around which you build up a fashion or design project?
From nature and all that surrounds me I try to capture the essential forms and proportions that are the basis of everything and translate those elements into each project to enable an easy and immediate reading and a pleasant visual image.

You have designed the set for Beach Company exhibition area at Pitti Immagine Uomo for the past two years. How do you develop the project?
I imagine and choose a theme that would encompass all the group's brands, creating harmony and avoiding the predominance of a brand over another. For spring summer 2015 I thought of a flower shop where pants and t-shirts became flowers and fruits in straw baskets. A game of simulations. For the 2015-16 winter show, snow and ice have been the frame for the collections and the common denominators that bound all the brands. I coated the walls of the set with a synthetic material worked by an artist so as to create the effect of walls of icy snow. To enrich the scene, I added a video and an ice speedway bike. Plus, against the background of an ice wall, I had 16 mannequins standing there and wearing Refrigue padded jackets.

We have seen on major magazines pictures from the latest Pitti Immagine Uomo SS 2016. Which theme did you choose for it?
I thought of a Beach Club in Ibiza or Formentera, with walkways to the beaches, bleached wood, ropes, deck chairs and surfboards leaning against the walls. An explosion of colors all in harmony with each other: army green, orange, ecru and blue. Again, I used mannequins with Bermuda shorts, shirts and sunglasses on the beach near the deck chairs to stand in for Beach Club members.

Thank you Matteo for this chat. We’re looking forward to seeing your next creations!
Thank you. I hope to meet many iK Mag readers at the next Pitti edition!