Maria Enrica Nardi

The works of Maria Enrica Nardi are an explosion of colours born from the graphic elaboration of her photographs. The images so created are then reproduced on various supports from forex for large panels to ceramics and pictures that have been successfully exhibited in numerous art galleries and solo and group exhibitions.

Maria Enrica Nardi has gained recognition by art critics and won various art competitions.

Porcelain jewellery by Maria Enrica Nardi

The artist's sensibility for colour and patterns enhanced the natural bond between art and fashion to the point of creating a small capsule of garments in fabrics that succeed in bringing out the bright tones of her images. The prints are reproduced digitally to get the best effects.

The capsule includes silk scarves, cashmere and silk scarves, neck warmers and men's ties. All accessories are hand-finished and produced in Italy.

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