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Let’s go Musical!

Paraphrasing a famous song, we might say, 'Music is in the air'. The friendship between fashion and music is an indissoluble link.  Not only as a runways soundtrack, the power of songs and music stars has influenced over the years the creative minds of fashion designers, building together important phenomena that have changed mass culture.

From Elvis Presley to Mick Jagger and Michel Jackson, many pieces worn by rock and pop stars have become more than simple garments. They are a status symbol. For the trendiest or classical men's fashion, a rich source of inspiration comes from some of the most famous musicals, never so popular as in this period, with their iconic costumes and melodies.

For your wardrobe, here are the most evocative outfits created by mixing the creations of many fashion brands such as Herno, Etro, Borsalino, Saint Laurent and Gucci, that make true the stories of elegance, freedom and rebellion narrated through the musical notes.

Singin’ in the rain

A rainy day can turn into a joyful moment if you wear the right clothing: a rain coat, a Borsalino hat and an informal suit. From the sweet melody of the musical, here's an idea for an outfit that recalls the sober and classical elegance of Jean Kelly.


Wind resistant raincoat by Herno, Wool flannel waistcoat by Brunello Cucinelli, Pinpoint cotton shirt by Aspesi, Wool formal trousers by Prada, Alessandria felt hat by Borsalino, Suede wedged lace-ups by Prada.



All the enthusiasm and freedom of the hippie culture and of the rock rhythm of the musical “Hair”, that shook our society like an earthquake between the 60s and 70s, are reinterpreted in this outfit through a psychedelic shirt mixed to American symbols and the jeans. 

Vintage effect leather bomber by Dolce & Gabbana, Fantasy print shirt by Etro, Camustars cashmere blend scarf by Valentino, Stretch cotton jeans by Jacob Cohen, Leather and suede boots by Gucci.



Can an outfit embody the symbol of the youth rebellion of the 50s? Yes, if you opt for a leather biker jacket, a tight t-shirt, jeans, belt and sneakers, everything strictly in black. Today as yesterday, these are the perfect items for rock 'n' roll lovers.


Worn-effect leather biker jacket by Saint Laurent, Studded cotton T-shirt by Valentino, Five pocket jeans by John Richmond, Reversible leather belt by Gucci, Hi sneakers by Givenchy.