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Jump with Stefano Ughetti

His eyes light up when he talks about his creations, the fabrics he uses and the tailoring details that finish up his creations. A clean yet sophisticated but fashion forward style.

We have met Stefano Ughetti after Florence, Milan and New York where he presented his S/S 2016 menswear collection.

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Stefano Ughetti

- Hello Stefano. Nice to meet you. Let's start with the first question. How did you get into fashion?

The idea of creating my own brand goes back to July 2005. It was then that I chose the name ‘CAMO’ for my line.

As I had not attended any fashion design school and did not have any specific experience in the apparel industry, I first opened a concept store in June 2005. I called it Superstar. Two years later, I began to create the line CAMO.

- The S/S 2016 collection is called 'Jump'. What do you want to convey? A sense of simplicity? Of lightness?

That's right. If you look at the campaign, the models have been photographed as if suspended in the air. This is evidenced by oversized volumes and comfort fits that express lightness and contemporaneity. It is a contemporary collection that offers a simple, modern and elegant look.

In its DNA, the collection has a clear Italian identity, but it is aimed at an international audience.

- Which are the fabrics, yarns and colors that you like the most? Those you tend to always use in your collections?

The materials that I prefer are the simplest ─ cotton in summer and wool in winter, but in my researches I am extremely punctilious in seeking for materials that have a history of their own. In a CAMO piece, nothing happens by chance. Every detail responds to a very specific need inherent in a certain collection or to a particular reason.

Arrivo_Stefano Ughetti_iKRIX_online shopping.jpg

(Arrivo, 2015, capsule collection by Stefano Ughetti and Matteo Gioli)

- Your latest S/S 2016 collection was presented at Pitti in Florence, in Milan and New York. How did the US market respond to it?

Very well, I would say. The presentation event was closely followed by the buyers and the press who have written and shared feedback on the social networks.

Jump_Stefano Ughetti_iKRIX_online shopping.jpg

(Jump Collection)

- How would you define your style? In three adjectives.

  Contemporary. Modern. Refined.

- Where did you find the inspiration for your last F/W 2015-16 collection?

The title of the last collection was ‘CAMO Dinner FW15 collection’. ‘Dinner’ as … dinner, with all that it implies in terms of get-together and conviviality.

Dinner has always been one of the most important and intense moments of communion that often have a symbolic and ritual relevance.

The collection celebrates the invisible link between clothing and food.

Dinner_Stefano UghettiiKRIX_online shopping.jpg

(Dinner Collection)

- Any heads up on the colors and fabrics for the next collection F/W 2016-17?

Smoke grey. Light grey. Midnight blue. White.

- Thank you for being with us. See you on your next catwalk.

It has been a pleasure! Thank you.