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Her Majesty

Three memorable outfits to feel like real queens

Fashion often tells a dream and this year the story draws its vital spark from the creativity of designers such as Armani, Tara Jarmon, Givenchy, Alice + Olivia, Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino, who are inspired by stories of damsels and ancient courts, to feel nostalgic and awaken the princess who is in each of us.

Sensual, romantic and with a strong character, modern queens take inspiration from the most fashionable icons of the past, moving with regal elegance in a game of balance between vintage charm and more current style, subtle proportions and luxurious excesses, sophisticated silhouettes and extravagant glamour.

As opposed to the frenetic metropolitan daily life, the latest fashion trends offer a blast from the past, that becomes evident in the craftsmanship of embroidered fabrics, laces and frills, blooming brocades and shimmering details of gold and crystals, which remind crown jewels stolen from the most precious treasure chests.  

Here are our three proposals for a vanity whim to which it is impossible to resist.

Empress Theodora

A determined and self-assured woman, the Empress Theodora lived in the luxury and opulence of a sophisticated and rich court. Theodora loved to wear dresses with simple silhouettes made precious by fabulous fabrics, embroidered in gold and precious stones, in warm and sparkling colors. She also loved to wear flashy jewelry, prints and decorations that recall the magnificent Byzantine mosaics and the most refined oriental influences. 


Paisley pattern scarf by Etro, Patterned jacquard crop jacket by Armani Collezioni, Structured embroidered sheath dress by Tara Jarmon, Silver earrings with rubies and diamonds by De Maria, Silver crown ring by De Maria, Metropolis glittered mini bag by Furla, Studded velvet flats by Miu Miu.

Marie Antoinette

Famous for being one of the most fashionable and elegant queens of history, Marie Antoinette loved to be surrounded by luxury, beautifully embroidered fabrics and precious brocades, bows and floral decorations in pastel tones alternated to bright colors, gold and black, who exalted the femininity of the dresses with a touch of delicate coquetry.


Rococo velvet jacket by Givenchy, Cotton korsett with hook-and-eyes by Valentino Red, Earla brocade circle skirt by Alice+Olivia, Key pendant necklace by Alcozer, Glass paste intaglio earrings by Michelangelo, Silk Evening Tiffany clutch by Roger Vivier, Velvet court shoes by Prada.

Queen Victoria

During her long reign Queen Victoria changed society, lifestyle and fashion with severity, sobriety and elegance. Women’s dress chose the black as symbol of the bourgeois chic allure, and this color entered the female wardrobe in a definitive manner. Laces, tulle and flounces are perfect to relive the Victorian look, sober and sexy at the same time.


Fringed floral lace cape by Valentino, Flounced silk and lace blouse by Dolce & Gabbana, Multilayered flounced skirt by Dolce & Gabbana, Swarovski chandelier earrings by Dolce & Gabbana, Silver ring white enamel by De Maria, Victorian embroidered pouch by Dsquared2, Laced-up suede ankle boots by Miu Miu.