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Fashion utilities

Thanks to the success of casualwear and sportswear and to fashion blogs, that give tips on how to dress for everyday life, the latest fashion trends bring attention to a comfortable, practical and functional clothing for the modern woman. For fashion designers such as Philip Lim, Fabiana Filippi, Ugg, Sophie Hulme, Atos Lombardini, MM6 Maison Margiela, Moschino and Alexander Wang, the crucial question is about what women really wear during their daily routine.

The first steps in this direction were made in the early years of the 20th century, when artists and designers like Klimt, Thayaht, Balla or Coco Chanel began to design comfortable dresses and accessories taking into great consideration the physical and movement needs, the economic possibilities of the women who were starting to leave the home and enter the business world.

Today more than before, our wardrobe needs to be thought according to criteria not only of aesthetic beauty and research of luxury, but as a support to contemporary life, work commitments and social life that totally absorb our time and therefore require something extra from clothes and accessories.

A modern wardrobe must be practical, must have quality garments that can be interpreted in different ways depending on the occasion, versatile enough to meet the needs of different moments of the day and that can be matched to create new outfits.

Here are three indispensable elements that can enable you to change look with a few simple combinations and be always irresistible on every occasion, with an eye to functionality, practicality and comfort.


Without a doubt, the most functional clothing is the uniform. Inspired by the search for functionality and combining a utility dress shape to the resistance of the military fabrics and the comfort of a jersey t-shirt, we have a basic garment highly practical that, can be, with the right matching, both masculine and extremely feminine. 


Lusixy military car coat by P.A.R.O.S.H., Classic cashmere scarf by Burberry,  Classic Tall boots by Ugg, Utility skirt French terry dress by Phillip Lim, Fur collar detailed merino coat by Fabiana Filippi, Pebble leather Swagger shoulder bag by Coach, Suede court shoes by Tod's.



To perfectly follow the evolution of our day, from work to lunch time and maybe an aperitif at the end of the day, there's nothing better than a bag able to satisfy our different aesthetic and functional requirements. A bag that changes from a backpack to handbag can be of great help as it can be elegant with a dress or casual if matched with a simple jacket and trousers. 


Fringe detailed tweed coat by Atos Lombardini, Snake patterned jersey dress by Just Cavalli, Marta pumps by Michael Kors, Holmes rucksack by Sophie Hulme, Double breasted jacquard blazer by Manila Grace, Low rise tapered trousers by Atos Lombardini, Suede and velvet platform shoes by Etro.



Basic pieces are absolutely essential for our look. Through combinations with the right accessories and other more seasonal and trendy items, they allow us to enjoy many possibilities despite not having an infinite wardrobe. A long and black knitted cardigan, for example, can be interpreted casually or even be elegant if used as a dress.


Long sleeve perforated T-shirt by T By Alexander Wang, Ripped denim ow-waist jeans by Saint Laurent, R141 patchwork high-top sneakers by Hogan, V-neck cardigan by MM6 Maison Margiela, Biker-style faux fur jacket by Moschino, Heart buckle detailed belt by Love Moschino, Gold-tone heel BB 70 suede boots by Saint Laurent.