Dionysus City Bags unveiled

Gucci pays homage to the most dynamic cities in the world with the Dionysus special edition City Bags.  

After the Dionysus Milan bag released last December, Gucci has released the bags dedicated to Rome, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Dubai.  

Only limited quantities per city have been released, and all are available only at the flagship Gucci stores in in the eight featured cities.


Dionysus Shanghai (source:

Special decorations differentiate the bags. For example, the Dionysus London bag is decorated with a snake and roses, a starfish and dragonflies appears on the Dubai handbag, butterflies, flowers and a heart are on the Milan bag and the New York bag features hearts, a pair of lips and pink lightning bolts.

Common features are the double tiger-head closure, a unique detail referencing the Greek god Dionysus and the distinctive GG Supreme canvas that acts as a background. Moreover, each bag has a different colored embroidered leather patch inside with a bee motif and the name of the city it represents.