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Countryside scenery

Although the working week has just begun, we might already feel the need of thinking about the weekend, passing the time in total relax, maybe in the countryside, letting the mind and body free to wander and breathing clean air in touch with nature to detoxify from the city smog.

The countryside atmosphere lives in fashion items by M.S.G.M., Incotex, Missoni, Prada and Saint Laurent, who prefer functional garments designed for leisure, in a new classy vision revisited with a casual touch.

Classic straight silhouettes, traditional patterns, as tartan and stripes, technical details and a really masculine look are matched with the comfort of soft and apparently worn out fabrics like fleece, velvet, cotton and wool, in a natural color palette that warms up the heart and relaxes the spirit.

Here are three outfit ideas for your weekend suitcase.

Rainy weekend

In this period, the weather can be changeable, so you will need a jacket to protect you from rain and wind, but if the sun comes out, be ready to show to absorb all the sun with a short-sleeved shirt. A wool sweater then, with its vintage look, comforts us in the colder moments.


Stockholm raincoat by Stutterheim, Argyle drilled crewneck by M.S.G.M., Vincent Contrast polo shirt by K-way, Velvet slacks trousers by Incotex, Suede brogued ankle boots by Church's.


An office overlooking the forest

If you are working hard and must go on working over the weekend, dress down a bit with a casual outfit, sit down in front of the pc with a cup of tea and occasionally relax the eyes observing nature outside.


Multicolour striped cardigan by Missoni, Alpaca blend Norwegian crewneck by Avant Toi, Fleece wool tracksuit bottom by Prada Linea Rossa, Edgware messenger bag by Burberry, Tyre XB Loafer by Tod's.



A bit of healthy physical activity never hurts, and the charm of the lumberman ─ almost an iconic figure ─ is always strong. Opt for the classic plaid shirt, a heavy sweater and a padded vest that leaves the arms free, and hiking boots to protect the feet. A technical apparel that has an old world charm.


Athos sleeveless jacket by Moncler, Argyle shetland wool bomber by Prada, Crossed stripe shirt by Saint Laurent, Contrasting stitching jeans by Jacob Cohen, H271 Route hiking boots by Hogan.