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Absolute colours – the art of Adriana Tavares

Adriana Tavares is a versatile artist with one constant: the use of solid, radiant colours. Without gradations and shades. Without compromises.

Adriana can boast collaborations with interior designers and stylists. She has created paintings, home textiles, shopping bags, installations for shopping malls and illustrations for publishing houses. She has revisited coffee machines and devised small objects for the cosmetic industry.

At the moment Adriana is focused on the production of silk and cotton scarves, bracelets and leather clutches featuring regular lines and a real explosion of colours. Her products are currently sold in the best stores in Brazil and next year they will be launched in the European market.

@ the atelier: sample of clutch and bracelets in progress

In Adriana’s immediate future there is the creation of a line of items for the home, such as wallpaper, table cloths, linens and rugs. They are intended to bring colours, energy and a playful touch to our homes.

One of her most recent and peculiar projects is called “Invasion of Privacy”. Adriana has photographed the drawers of dozens of friends. Having access to something as personal and intimate as a drawer impressed her strongly. Drawers turned out to be highly revealing of the innermost universe of each person.

The objects of everyday life, even in their most intimate and personal nature, become colourful drawings, patterns and designs that, thanks to the artist’s use of colours, are enriched by a deep and vibrant personality and playful, energetic tones. In Adriana’s words, “Fleeting moments now redesigned by colours and shapes make their way back into our lives as products in order to change what is trivial into something special, what is common into something extraordinary.”


Bio box

With a training in advertising and a foray to the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro, where she attended the lectures by Beatriz Milhazes, Adriana has become an internationally recognized artist and has exhibited her works in Rome, Florence, Milan, Miami, Belo Horizonte, Rio and Sao Paulo. In New York, Adriana was the only Brazilian selected from nearly a thousand artists for the 6th Biennial Exhibition promoted in 2005 by the A.I.R. Gallery, where she presented the work "What to Wear?". In collaboration with the established furniture designer Fernando Jaeger, Adriana designed the canvas of a chair that was exhibited at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2010.