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A Fast Food Date

We all love being fashionable and appealing when meeting someone special. Just imagine you are in a fast food restaurant, waiting for your order to come and observing strangers as Susan Vega's Tom’s Diner. What are you wearing?

Find out our look ideas that can help you to catch his attention, more than a soda, more than the burger he is tasting.

Shop now and enjoy your sparkling date! Cheers!

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  • a fast food date_ikrix_shopping_look 2.jpg
  • a fast food date_ikrix_shopping_look 3.jpg

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Moschino_sweatshirt_ikrix_online_shopping  Blumarine_jeans_ikrix_shopping_online.jpg  Fendi_wallets_ikrix_online_shopping.jpg  saint_laurent_trainers_ikrix_online_shopping.jpg

Moschino_dress_online_shopping.jpg  SWORD_leather_jackets_ikrix_shopping_online.jpg  Ghibli_python_clutch_ikrix_online_shopping.jpg  Hogan_sandals_ikrix_shopping_online.jpg  

Burger_dream_t-shirt_Plein_ikrix_shopping_online.jpg  DSquared2_jeans_ikrix_shopping_online.jpg  Dolce&GAbbana_ikrxi_shopping_online.jpg  Leather_sandals_pierre_balmain_ikrix_shopping_online.jpg