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ENGRAM by Mila Schön

“Movement is the dialectic of reality. I just happens”.
Alessandro De Benedetti

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Silk, organza and cotton drape the body and achieve architectonic effects along the tradition typical to haute couture.

The movement of the clothes enhanced by the movement of the body – this is what designer Alessandro De Michele wants to emphasize with stripes that become puzzles and graphic designs diagrams.

Water green, bordeaux, khaki and orange color the clothes that, with their unexpected cuts, reveal the shoulders and the arms making it all look extremely feminine.

Jackets are matched to wrap-around skirts and feature large hoods that renew the tailleur in double fabric.

The duster-coat, assembled from a single seam, expresses the perfection of the couture techniques.

Fabrics, colors, lines and volumes, architectonic cuts in movement paraded for  Mila Schön in the wonderful frame of the  Museo della Scienza in Milan.